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Half Facepiece Respirator Nanologix Respira Compact

The use of nanotechnology guarantees high reliability and functionality while maintaining user comfort and ease. No awkward sweating, no discomfort when breathing and most importantly – no having to shave your beard! 

One size fits all, the face part is light, easy to maintain and quick and easy to use.

Replaceable filters last up to twice as long as othersmarket opportunities, not only does Respira Compact provide effective workplace health protection,at the same time it creates significant financial savings.

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Advantages of the Respira Compact facepiece:

  • The most effective respiratory protection system to date with a certified effectivity of
    up to 99.99%
  • High-quality design that guarantees a completely airtight fit along the edges and does
    not require any shaving.
  •  Nanotechnology ensures that solid particles, aerosols and microorganisms are
    filtered. It also protects against chemical and biological pollution and, when using
    the Nano Perfection P3 filter, it protects against all viruses and radioactive
  • The facepiece is easy and intuitive to use; the filter can be changed using one hand
    in a matter of seconds and without having to remove the mask from your face.
  • Its unique construction combines inhalation and exhalation filters and partially cleans
    itself during the exhalation. The durability of the consumable material is up to twice
    as long as that of other products on the market.
  • The facial part of the mask is made of a special silicone that meets the strictest
    requirements set for use within healthcare. It is characterised by a high level of
    chemical resistance (no damage is caused by coming into contact with chemicals), a
    minimal amount of permanent deformation, and it is extremely resistant to ageing.
  • Thanks to its construction, the Respira Compact respirator can be stored folded up
    in a small container without losing its shape. The mask does not lose its flexibility
    over time and once unpacked it regains its original shape and is immediately ready to
    use. The mask is significantly more durable than the other options on the market.
  • The Nanologix Respira Compact facepiece with the P3 filter were tested at the facilities in
    Těchonín (the Czech Biological Defence Centre) against particularly dangerous diseases
    classified as biosafety level 3 (BSL 3) such as Korean haemorrhagic fever, typhus, HIV,
    tuberculosis and anthrax and BSL 4 diseases such as SARS, Lassa fever, smallpox and
  • The Nanologix Respira system was developed in Czech laboratories in cooperation with
    the Technical University of Liberec. It is currently used by the Czech Army, scientific and
    health facilities and parts of the integrated rescue system.
  • No filter is included with the mask. Two filters are available:
    Nano Perfection P2 (dust, general dirt, and dangerous solid and liquid particles)
    Nano Perfection P3 (dust, general dirt, poisonous liquid and solid aerosols, bacteria, viruses
    and radioactive particles)


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Production of protective masks and filter ISO 9001:2015


Production of protective masks and filter ISO 14001:2015




Half mask RESPIRA, filter RESPIRA nano-perfection


Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) Final Report


Certifikát CM/6 strana A


Návod - ochranná maska CM-6


Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) AND Differential Pressure (Delta P) Final Report